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Protecting Your Home After Storm Damage

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Your Roof is Your Home’s Greatest Defense

Your home’s roof is constantly exposed to sun, rain, wind and other types of inclement weather. This combination can have extremely negative effects over time. Using a professional roofer and high-quality roofing materials will protect your home from even the harshest conditions. However, when strong storms hit, there is very little we can do to ensure the integrity of our roofing system. Storm damage restoration is both necessary and costly. However, the damage will only get worse if left unrepaired. Don’t put your home, or it’s contents, at risk by ignoring roof damage caused by severe weather.

Partner With a Louisville Roofing Contractor Before Filing Your Claim

The insurance claim process can be confusing. If not handled properly it can also result in your insurance company underpaying you for the repairs that need to be made. It is very important that you find a Louisville Roofing Contractor to work with before you file a claim. A good roofer can assist you in the following ways:

  • A good roofer will provide you with sound advice about whether or not you should file a claim. If you file a claim, and don’t have enough damage to cover your deductible, your claim will not be paid and you will be subject to an increase in your homeowners insurance rates.

  • Roofers work with insurance companies on a regular basis. They are familiar with the claims process and frequently meet with insurance claims adjusters. It is very common for insurance claims adjusters, due to their busy schedules and high workloads, to incorrectly adjust storm damage claims. This could lead to you being underpaid for your claim. The difference between the cost of your project and your insurance payout will become your responsibility if this happens. A skilled Roofing Contractor won’t let this happen. They will submit a Supplement to your insurance company for any damage missed (or incorrectly adjusted) during their roof inspection. Those funds will be added onto your claim. These additional funds may never be realized without help from a roofing professional.

  • Roofers will quickly make temporary roof repairs for their customers. For this reason, it is very beneficial to establish a relationship with a roofer before filing your insurance claim. After powerful storms roofers take on large numbers of clients very quickly. If you handle your claim by yourself, request several estimates after your claim has been adjusted and then hire a roofer, your project will be at the bottom of their list. This may also put you in a position where you have to wait an extended period of time for temporary repairs to be made. The sooner you find a roofing contractor to work with, the sooner your project will be completed.

What do you do if you cannot find a roofer to quickly complete a temporary repair? Keep reading to find out.

Tarp Installation Tips for Louisville Homeowners

Temporary roof repairs should be made immediately after a damaging storm to protect your home and its valuable contents. if you cannot find a roofer to make these repairs quickly you may have to do it yourself. Here is our advice for homeowners completing their own temporary roof repairs (installing a tarp):

  • It is very important that tarps be installed securely and that you leave no holes/gaps in the tarp. Even the smallest holes could allow wind to get underneath the tarp and strip it from your roof, possibly taking a portion of your roof with it.

  • Your tarp should be pulled as tightly as possible to prevent wind from ripping it off. Secure one end of the tarp and then gradually work your way around the tarp, pulling it tight and securing it with plastic cap nails (do not use standard roofing nails). If a tarp has been pulled tight, with no visible holes/gaps, it will adequately protect your home until your roofing contractor is able to complete the project.

We hope you‘ve found this article helpful. Majestic Roofing would be happy to provide you with a Free Roof Inspection or answer any questions you may have! You can reach us by calling (502) 921-3320 or emailing us at hello@majesticlouisville.com. You can also view Majestic Roofing online at www.majesticlouisville.com.

Brad Rigney is the owner of Majestic Roofing in Louisville, Kentucky. Brad has over 12 years of experience as a Residential Roofing Contractor.

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